19. Konsultasi ISO/IEC 12207:2008


Consultation ISO/IEC 12207:2008

ISO / IEC 12207 is an international standard for the software life cycle that can define all the tasks needed to develop and maintain software. The main purpose of ISO / IEC 12207 is to provide a general structure so that buyers, suppliers, developers, managers, operators, managers and technicians involved with software development use the same language and are formed in a well-defined process.


Benefits of ISO/IEC 12207:2008

  1. Gain insight into ISO/IEC 12207 (Software lifecycle processes) and ISO/IEC 15288 (System lifecycle processes) requirements and how they apply to the critical project technical, support and management processes.
  2. Gain insight into the practical implementation of key support and management processes in a real-world software project.

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