25. Konsultasi GDP

Konsultasi ISO 9001:2015

GDP is a continuation of Good Distribution Practice is a quality assurance system that is related to procurement, receipt, storage and shipping requirements.
The GDP requirements include Organization and management, Personnel, Quality management, Warehousing and storage, Vehicles and equipment, Containers and container labeling, Dispatch, Transportation and products in transit, Documentation, Repackaging and relabelling, Complaints, Recalls, Rejected and returned products, Counterfeit pharmaceutical products, Importation, Contract activities, Self inspection


The company will get many benefits by implementing this GMP standard management system, including

1. Increase credibility and excellence in business competition

2. Proof of handling safe and efficient processes

3. Compliance with statutory requirements and build customer trust

4. Provide opportunities for international trade

5. Reduce time and costs for companies that choose third-party testing and product certification if they use a GDP-certified producer

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