5. Konsultasi ISO 29990:2010

Consultation ISO 9001:2015

ISO 29990:2010 is an International Standard for providers of training and further training. It offers a certifiable and state of the art Standard according to ISO requirements for Management Systems. The Standard addresses – for the first time with international validity – all types of educational institutions.


Benefits of ISO 9001:2010

  1. A Successful Training Program
    The benefits of applying this international standard are first to systematically improve and improve the quality of non-formal education. For example, by ensuring and guaranteeing that learning programs can be carried out successfully.
  2. Increasing Competitiveness and Transparency
    The implementation of ISO 29990: 2010 in an organization that serves non-formal education can also increase transparency. This is important for clients to know because they want to know the quality of service they will get. Clients always expect openness, especially if they have paid a lot

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