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9. Konsultasi ISO 45001:2018

9. Konsultasi ISO 45001:2018


Consultation ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001: 2018 can be said as “milestone”. This standard provides a strong and effective framework for reducing risks in the workplace and creating a safe and healthy workplace for workers, contractors, suppliers, visitors and guests, which enables an organization to proactively improve its SMK3 performance.


The main benefits of implementing ISO 45001: 2018 include:

  1.  Increase the effectiveness of planned, measured, structured and integrated occupational safety and health protection
  2.  Prevent and reduce work accidents or occupational diseases
  3.  Reducing absence and turnover rates, to encourage productivity
  4. Reducing insurance premium costs
  5. Creating a K3 culture, where workers are encouraged to be actively involved in K3
  6. Strengthening the role of leadership (top management) to proactively improve OSH performance
  7. Ability to meet obligations to legislation and OHS requirements
  8. Improve the company’s reputation because it has reached international standards.

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