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Accident Report Dan Investigation

Accident Report Dan Investigation

Accident Report Dan Investigation

Incident: All undesirable conditions that cause or can cause damage to people, property damage, the environment, or loss of product.

Benefits and Costs

1. Participants will understand about the accident, its causes and effects.
2. Learning Safety from accidents that have occurred.
3. So that similar accidents do not recur and at least to reduce the possibility of impacts or consequences of accidents that have occurred.
4. Provide awareness about the importance of maintaining safety and preventing accidents in the workplace.
5. Know the steps in analyzing an accident and being able to do it.

  1. Accident Concepts, include accident theory, type of incident, accident impact, relation between hazards and  risk, energy concept and accident prevention
  2. Loss Causation Models from Frank Birds, including Domino Theory,  Loss Control process, Pre Contact, Contact, Pre Contact, IEDIM and ISMEC concept
  3. Accident investigation , why investigation, role and responsibility, investigation technique and reporting system
  4. Accident Reporting System
  5. Accident Case Study
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