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Increase ISO Understanding for Students

Increase ISO Understanding for Students

Increase ISO Understanding for Students

ITS Kampus, ITS News – Understanding of ISO is one of the capabilities expected by companies by job applicants. ISO or the International Organization for Standarization is an independent international standard organization that houses experts to share knowledge and move in the field of certification. The certificate issued by ISO shows the management standard of an agency.

To accommodate the needs of students related to ISO training, the Chemistry Student Association held a seminar Towards Bright Professionals. By obtaining Wisnu Tri Anindita, participants were given an Integrated Management System (IMS) training on ISO certification. The system is an amalgamation of several types of ISO certifications which are usually carried out separately. Saturday (9/29).

“From the existing types of ISO, there are the same requirements. The IMS principle is to meet the same requirements and then add other specific requirements, “explained Wisnu Tri Anindita.


In implementing IMS in ISO certification, it is necessary to first know the similarities of each ISO. These similarities will be combined from various types of standards and become the object of IMS. For the type of ISO itself, there are three types of ISO reviewed by Vishnu, namely ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, and ISO 17025: 2017.

ISO 9001: 2015 is a certification in the field of quality management standards. ISO is currently popular because the best products are proof of the company’s commitment, so many companies are taking the certification. This ISO 9001 facilitates company opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. The principles of this ISO include leadership, customer focus, engagement with people, process approaches, fact based decision making, and relationship management.

While ISO 45001: 2018 discusses Occupational Safety and Health (K3). ISO 45001: 2018 is important to guarantee the quality of human resources in the industry. And finally ISO 17025: 2017 which guarantees laboratory quality. This type of ISO promotes laboratory confidence, that the laboratory operates competently, independently, and the results are valid.

Wisnu continued, by recognizing and understanding the similarities and differences of the three ISOs, the IMS process would be applicable. The advantage of using the IMS principle according to Wisnu is to make the ISO certification process more efficient and reduce duplication. “The company will also save more costs,” said the ITS Industrial Engineering alumnus.

In between the material, Wisnu also explained his experience related to ISO certification in the industry. This 1997 alumnus hopes that training participants can understand integrated ISO and can implement an integrated management system. So that in the future, participants are ready to enter the ISO team of the company in the world of work. (ion12 / gel)

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