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Internal Audit

Internal Audit


Internal Audit

Internal Audit or Internal Audit has an important role in running the company. In this modern era, the development of organizational management, especially in companies, requires an internal audit role. Internal audits are used to support the management of the company as a control function that ensures the company is going according to plan and leads to goals.

Benefits and Costs

1. Supervision of all activities that are difficult for top management to handle.
2. Identification and minimization of risk.
3. Report Validation to the manager.
4. Support and help management in technical fields.
5. Change the decision making process.
6. Analyzing the future (not for things that have happened).
7. Help managers in managing the company

1. Effective communication in training
2. The technique of delivering effective training
3. Mastering ice breakers, games, etc.
4. Utilizing body language, expression and eye contact
5. What the “may” and “may not” do by the trainer
6. Facing a variety of participants and answering questions
7. Increase confidence
8. Mastering various types of training: accelerate training, experiential learning, etc.
9. Interesting training methods
10. Compile appropriate training materials
11. Introduction of NLP and create effective training with NLP
12. Practice

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