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PROPER ( Progam Peniaian Peringkat Kinerja Lingkunagn Perusahan )

PROPER ( Progam Peniaian Peringkat Kinerja Lingkunagn Perusahan )


Corporate Environmental Performance Rating Rating Program

One of the improvements in compliance can occur through the effect of incentive and repulsion sins that arise from the announcement of PROPER performance to the public, one of which is coming from stakeholders who will give appreciation to companies that behave well and give pressure and encouragement to companies that not yet rated well to realize

Benefits and Costs

this expected that after attending the PROPER: 2004 training, Participants:

1. Identifying and evaluating related to the assessment of the meaning of PROPER and being able to do their own assessment of the company’s PROPER rating

2. Develop a plan to fulfill and apply the PROPER requirements in the company and the steps to be taken.

3. Develop a program to improve the performance of the company’s PROPER management to improve which ranks higher and maintains it year after year

1. Introduction to environmental management laws and regulations
2. Realization of PROPER policy background, benefits, stages of the PROPER grouping process of PROPER participants and a basic picture and general examples of PROPER ratings
3. PROPER assessment requirements, requirements for obtaining gold, green, blue, red and black criteria
4. Requirements for assessment and strategies for meeting water quality, environmental documents, wastewater, waste quality standards and their fulfillment
5. Requirements for charging and strategies for meeting air quality, air emissions, strategies for meeting air quality, meeting air quality standards.
6. Requirements for evaluating and complying with B3 waste management strategies, B3 waste assessment criteria, Managing internal and external B3 waste.
7. Beyond Compliance requirements, environmental management system (SML), energy conservation, Community development, special “gold” ranking
8. planning fulfillment of PROPER requirements for PROPER document preparation, PROPER preparation steps and environmental performance pre-assessment
9. Improving the company’s environmental performance, strategic steps towards a better direction in achieving environmental performance excellence.

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Rp. 2.000.000 / Peserta 

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